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Guaranteed surrogacy

Guaranteed Surrogacy Treatment in Delhi

We provide guaranteed surrogacy with a donor egg, that’s a 100% surety of a healthy baby. Now let’s understand in details: Surrogacy with donor eggs and partner sperm is treated as Egg Donor Surrogacy.
If the female partner is incapable of producing her egg for the development of the embryo, the doctor suggests getting a donor egg for the production of the embryo. Surrogacy with Donor egg provides a guaranteed 100% success rate.
Guaranteed surrogacy with a donor egg is very helpful to each infertile couple having a limited budget of surrogacy for building their family.
Once you agree and sign up to undergo a guaranteed surrogacy program, your investment is fixed for having a guaranteed baby or twins. You need to wait patiently and experience the entire process with the surrogacy doctor and also wait for the Live Birth of your baby.
A guaranteed surrogacy program means live birth of a single or twin baby after 32 weeks of surrogate pregnancy. Guaranteed surrogacy starts from Rs. 13.5 Lakhs.

What is the reason behind women's poor quality of eggs?

The most common reason why single women and couples go for surrogacy with egg donation is that the female partner has poor egg quality due to the following reasons:
  • Advanced maternal age. The quality of female eggs declines as she ages, and significantly declines after she crosses the age of 37. As you advance in ages, a higher and higher percentage of the eggs inside the ovaries develop genetic abnormalities.
  • Premature ovarian failure- is a condition where menopause has started much earlier than usual, typically before age 40.

Who can use Egg Donation for guaranteed surrogacy?

  • Couples in which the woman has poor-quality or no eggs, but who want a biological child using the male’s sperm
  • Women with no ovaries but an intact uterus
  • Women with genetic factors that they do not want to pass on to their children
  • Women over the age of 42.

How do you find or choose your Egg Donor?

Some couples, single parents manage their egg donors from among their relatives, friends, or from the previous donors. Bringing your donor will reduce the time involved in surrogacy, it will also decrease the cost of surrogacy.

If you decide to use donor eggs, ask your fertility clinic if they have available donors that they have already screened. The Gracious IVFcan provide you with the best healthy Egg Donors at their highest reproductive age from its screened Donor database.
Most of the egg donors remain anonymous, but if intended couples prefer to know their egg donor and take legal steps to contract for the donation of the eggs. We provide some information about our donors based on your preferences:
  • Educational Background
  • Medical History
  • Historical Background
  • Her appearance, such as her color (Hair, eyes, skin, height).
  • Her age

What are the Criteria for the Egg Donors?

The following factors may affect a woman’s ability to donate eggs. These factors increase the rate of a successful pregnancy and reduce the risk of congenital anomalies.

  • She should have attended between 21 to 35 years of age.
  • She is Free of infections from HIV and hepatitis C, and Genetic disease.
  • She can provide her family medical history.
  • She may have successfully donated eggs or given birth already.

You can also find a donor through one of many certified egg donor agencies and registries. Some people place ads for donors in college newspapers or other publications that young women read.

Finding your donor before the surrogacy program reduces time and cost than going through a busy clinic, but there is a serious disadvantage: You will have to interview the donor yourself rather than having a professional screen and evaluate them. Donors must be tested for any genetic disorders or diseases such as HIV.
This is also true for women using donor sperm. To successfully achieve surrogacy, Gracious IVFalways recommends any couple choose a pre-screened donor from the fertility center/clinic.

Legal Rights of Egg Donors and Recipients couples

Many potential legal issues arise when the infertile couple uses donor eggs for surrogacy. The egg donor contract explicitly states that the donor agrees and waives all parental rights forever, that any children born from the donated eggs are the legitimate children of the prospective parents. .
The Gracious IVF stays with the surrogate, hopeful prospective parents throughout the process from consultation-legalities-agreement-finding donors, surrogate, till the birth of your child.
Your surrogate delivery is also arranged by us. We provide complete satisfaction to all our hopeful patients. We’re committed to sharing a wonderful memory with our parents of delivering a beautiful and healthy child
Guaranteed Surrogacy Treatment in Delhi

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