Realize your dream to get pregnant


Realize your dream to get pregnant

Dreams about pregnancy can take various forms. Maybe you’re pregnant or someone else is in the dream—it could be a friend, family member, or total stranger. The dream could be about wanting to get pregnant, finding out about a pregnancy, giving birth to a child, witnessing childbirth, or even experiencing pregnancy loss.
Either way, you might find yourself wondering why you had the dream and what it means. If so, you’re not alone. “Dreams about pregnancy are without a doubt one of the most common dreams I am asked about,” says Lauri Loewenberg, a certified dream analyst.
While it is common to dream about these things if you’re actually pregnant,1 these dreams can also have other meanings and interpretations.

Positive pregnancy tests

Dreams can be a window showing us our deepest desires, fears, and worries. If you dream about a positive pregnancy test, it could be a metaphor. Perhaps you may want to get pregnant but are too afraid or have some fear preventing you from doing so.
Alternatively, you might wish to be pregnant and are dreaming about it as your subconscious feels it would be the ideal solution to your current problems.

Negative pregnancy tests

What a negative pregnancy test in a dream could mean to your waking life depends on how you feel in the dream. Generally, a negative result means you’re frightened of losing someone or something. Mostly though, the dream reflects your fear of losing the baby if you’re indeed pregnant.
If you feel relieved during your dream of having a negative pregnancy test, it means you are not yet ready to take a huge step and change your life. Even if the adjustments are for the better, you still think you’re not yet confident enough to take the role and the responsibility. An unhappy feeling in the dream indicates that you haven’t fully realised your personal goals yet.
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